Kick A Bad Habit

I always say you can talk yourself into and out of any situation even using Scripture! So what's the difference The Holy Spirit's leading... I read this quote today- You're more likely to act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action. So act! Whatever you know you should do, do it. Build good habits… Continue reading Kick A Bad Habit


The Fish Bowl

I am in a transition season; my life has taken a completely different direction than planned. I have made some changes that many have questioned especially me! God had opened a door and I jumped and did not think about it until I was a month or so in. I have come to learn though… Continue reading The Fish Bowl

Am I The Only One?

I am going to be honest and just share my feelings for a moment... Has anyone ever felt like you are doing the will of God or stepping out in faith and nothing is the way it is supposed to be. I mean, here you are serving, giving all you have or you took that leap… Continue reading Am I The Only One?