Bird Poop Happens!

It had been raining for days in my area. There was a break in the clouds, so I decided to wash my vehicle. You have to know when I do something I do it completely. So I detailed inside and out of my van. I cleaned windows, vacuumed, and wiped down the entire interior. It… Continue reading Bird Poop Happens!


The Perfect Package

Life sometimes is wrapped in a pretty package; my life seems to be perfectly wrapped. I have a beautiful family, a warm home, food on my table, more clothes than I will ever need, an extended family I adore, a wonderful church family, awesome friends, and live in the best community in NC. Things are… Continue reading The Perfect Package

Light Vs Darkness

A few months ago, I was teaching Children’s church. Our topic was Hero vs Villain; the kids were able to quickly identify a hero from a villain. We talked about what makes a villain a villain and if they had ever done any of those acts. The children were surprised to identify with some behaviors… Continue reading Light Vs Darkness